Motor Vehicle Photo Enforcement

Civil Security

Jenoptik high-capacity Vector cameras allow for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) of passing vehicles. With a network of cameras installed on the road side, vehicles license plate are detected along their voyage. In combination with the TraffiData analysis software, the received information is evaluated in real time. The data is converted into knowledge and alerts can be automatically generated according to configured rules.

The combined ANPR / back office solution enables detection of cloned license plates, find vehicles of interest, measure traffic flow and journey time, analyze movement profiles and create convoy reports.

Having this information at your finger tips is extremely helpful to combat drug and weapons trafficking, vehicle theft, human smuggling as well as prevent terrorist attacks.

Traffic law enforcement agencies and civil security agencies can both benefit from this

Best of all, the same compact Vector camera can be used simultaneously for capturing traffic violations and increasing civil security. Therefore both traffic enforcement agencies and civil security agencies benefit from having Jenoptik's ANPR solution.



VECTOR can either auto-detect and track vehicles passing through the field of view, or be externally triggered for applications involving specific vehicles. In automatic mode, VECTOR interrogates every frame image captured, providing an extremely robust way of locating number plates and providing a measure of vehicle speeds.


The camera is simple to install, configure and operate. It can be mounted on a wide variety of fixtures, from traffic signals and street lighting columns to gantries and bridges. A wide angular offset allows installation away from the monitored lanes.

TraffiData software

TraffiData is a full-function, web-based back office system for ANPR data storage, matching and reporting. It manages large, complex, fixed-site, in-car and portable ANPR systems for high-end users such as police, customs and local authorities. Modular and customizable, its analytical capabilities allow live and retrospective incident analysis and reporting.