Portable Scale Certification

Annual Verification and Calibration

We understand the importance of keeping your operation up and running!
That is why you can rely on our experienced team to have your scales calibrated at a location near you. Every year we travel over 15 000 km and calibrate over 1000 wheel-load scales.

Each scale is tested according to OIML standards and returned to you with a calibration certificate. Minor adjustments are performed on the spot when necessary. When a more serious problem is detected, the unit is brought back to our shop for repair.

Reduce downtime and avoid damage caused by shipping and handling! Contact us for more details.

Calibration and Repair

HAENNI scales are built tough, yet accidents can happen!

When a scale is found to be defective, the unit can be shipped to one of our facilities for evaluation. Our experienced team will investigate the problem and provide a written quotation. Upon authorization, the scale will be repaired, calibrated and returned to you without delay.


Wish to have your operators properly trained? We will go through the process of showing how to weigh different types of vehicles, how to avoid common mistakes and how to protect your investment.  Contact us to find out more.