Road-Traffic Photo Enforcement

JENOPTIK is a world leader in traffic safety enforcement. With a presence in more than 80 countries, they have delivered over 30,000 systems for traffic law enforcement worldwide. JENOPTIK's products and services are constantly evolving to help make roads, journeys and communities safer around the globe.

Traffic Technology 2000 has over 40 years of hands-on experience in photo enforcement throughout Canada. As system integrator, we work with our clients to find the best solution for their needs and help them through every step to make sure that their traffic enforcement program is a success. Contact us for more information.

Stationary Speed Enforcement


JENOPTIK's highly advanced systems help to significantly reduce accidents at critical locations.  The speed enforcement system permits the monitoring of dangerous and hard to get locations where accidents are caused by vehicles driving at excessive speeds. Installation can be done on the road side, on a gantry or in a tunnel. When connected to a data network, an operator can access the unit remotely to control and monitor it's status.

As experts in the field, we guide our clients every step of the way; from selecting a location, to installing the equipment, to commissioning the site. Our after sale services include training, technical support and calibration services for your photo enforcement solution.

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Mobile Speed Enforcement

Mobile speed enforcement Surveillance de vitesse mobile

Speed enforcement equipment can also be installed in a vehicle allowing surveillance over a greater area. The system can function either when parked along the road or when traveling from a location to another (moving mode). We work with our clients to install the speed enforcement systems in their vehicles. Optionally, the system can be moved from the vehicle to a tripod or to a portable cabinet.

Trailer setup allow for a semi-stationary solution for monitoring over several days. In certain projects, we've worked with our customer to design and produce a trailer to their needs.

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Average Speed Enforcement (Point-to-Point)

TraffiSection VECTOR P2P is a proven solution that ensures safe and smooth traffic flows. It is the most reliable and compact Average Speed Enforcement system available anywhere.

Average speed cameras are regarded as one of the most effective ways of increasing safety along hazardous road sections, e.g. at tunnels, bridges, motorways and construction zones. JENOPTIK's systems have also been proven to help improve traffic flow and reduce CO² emissions.

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Red Light Enforcement


JENOPTIK's red light enforcement system fully addresses the precise requirements of both Police and Municipal Authorities alike. The system is based on state-of-the-art radar technology combined with a high-resolution camera allowing for multiple lanes to be monitored simultaneously. The essential features of the system have been created following a close cooperation with the end users. The system is characterized above all by its easy and user-friendly handling, its entirely automated enforcement process.

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