Snow Drift Prevention

BEILHARZ Road Equipment manufactures the highest quality and most reliable temporary snow fence for over 50 years. BEILHARZ Road Equipment makes a significant contribution to increase passive road safety and performance worldwide.

Traffic Technology 2000 has been marketing BEILHARZ snow fences in North America since 1998. Over 48 kilometers have been sold! We also offer a full-service solution. Visit our services section for more details.

Beilharz Snow fence Clôture pare-neige Beilharz

Snow Fences

BEILHARZ snow fencing has proven itself from the Alps to the wide open spaces in Canada.

Snow fences serve as a preventative measure against snow drifting across roads, slopes in open countryside, airport runways, electrical sub-stations and buildings that are particularly at risk. It can also be used to capture snow to replenish the underground water reserve which helps increase local drinking water in remote towns.

Together with it's highly stable structure and the integrated posts, the snow fence guarantees it's performance in the harshest conditions. The network-type geometry guarantees optimum snow deposits, preventing drifts which lead to dangerous conditions.

Its construction, designed to provide stability and mobility, allows quick reactions to the unexpected onset of bad weather. The fabric is made of a UV and weather-resistant high-density polyethylene fabric.  All of the stabilizing hardware is made of galvanized steel allowing for long-lasting durability.

Once Spring has arrived, Beilharz snow fencing can easily be removed and stored for the following winter season. This is a great advantage for use on farm lands, wilderness parks and playgrounds. Beilharz snow fences have an average life expectancy of 15 years. Once it's life-span has been reached, all components can be easily recycled at local facilities.

BEILHARZ, the only snow fence you will EVER need!


Tested and proven in Quebec's harsh winters, BEILHARZ snow fences is the most effective solution to increase highway safety during snow drifts. See for your self!