Snow Fence Program

Full-service solution

You want to prevent snow drifts, but don't want to take care of the logistics?
We have the solution for you!

Our full-service solution includes:

- Site evaluation
We will evaluate the installation location and calculate the required material.

- On-site material delivery
We will deliver the BEILHARZ snow fence to the site prior to the winter season.

- Installation of the snow fence
We will install the snow fence for optimal snow drift prevention.

- Removal in the spring
Once the snow has melted, we dismantle the snow fence and take it away.

- Storage until the next winter season
We will store the snow fence in a secure location until it's next installation.


BEILHARZ, the only snow fence you will EVER need!

Wish to give BEILHARZ snow fence a try?
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Beilharz snow fence installation Installation de clôture pare-neige Beilharz