Winter Road Monitoring

Information Service

Managing winter road maintenance can be a difficult process.
That's why we're here to help!

Every year, snow covered roads and icy driving conditions lead to accidents, bottle necks and road closures. Our information service allows you to monitor your roads in order to view the actual road conditions and make educated decisions.

The information is collected using a sensor installed on a vehicle. As the vehicle travels through the city, the information is relayed back in real-time to our cloud server. A friendly graphical interface allows you to view the data and dispatch your road maintenance crew. Information such as road temperature, ice percentage, water film height, road friction and road condition are reported.

Optionally, the information can be displayed in your maintenance vehicles allowing the driver to take immediate action.

Proper management of the snow clearing crew allows for reduction in fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost as well as savings in de-icing products which in turn protects the environment.

Interested in having your roads monitored this winter?
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Winter road monitoring Surveillance des conditions routières hivernales